Hannah Rose's Amazing Journey of Abortion, God's Love, and Lily's Legacy
Melissa Ohden's Amazing Speech About Her Life After Surviving an Abortion
Reflections on the Loss of an Aborted Brother
A Commitment Clears the Storm Clouds
Even if I Accomplish Nothing Else, I Will Succeed in Protesting the Evil in our Generation ... Abortion
Carrie Fischer's Story - I Survived an Attempted Abortion on My Life
Free Hugs From Restaurant Owner With Down Syndrome
The Ryan Pittman Story of Down Syndrome, God's Love, and a Servant's Heart
Ashley Boyer's Amazing Story of Abduction, Rape, and Rising Above it
LaKisha Chapman's Story: God Has Healed Me From the Painful Memories and Guilt of Abortions
The Pain of Secret Abortion - "This Unbearable Grief Becomes Part of Your Life"
The Muriel Ramos Story: God's Grace Brought Me Back From the Pits of Hell
"They Will Coerce Anyone to Have an Abortion" - Abby Johnson
Abortion Survivor - Claire's Incredible Story of Life
Why I am Pro-Life: Jamie Ashton's Incredible Story
Confessions of a Beauty Queen:  My Brush with Abortion
In the Case of Rape: The Juda Meyers Story
Why I am Passionately Pro-Life
God Has Called Us To Be Faithful
The Orphan: The Pro-Life Missing Link
Carol's Unplanned Pregnancy: From Contemplating Abortion To Being God's Minister
Former Abortion Doctor Tells Her Story
Jamie's Story:  A View From The Sidewalk
A Letter From a Grateful Mother
The Personal Toll of Abortion
Carla's Story of Abortion and Forgiveness
Guest Post: Jennifer's Story
Mr. R's Story: My Unexpected Abortion
Miss M's Story
Rebecca's Story: Abortion is NEVER the Answer ... But There is Healing
Abortion Never Had a Chance With Us - Our Experience Having a Disabled Child
Three Pro-Choice People Who Have Become Pro-Life

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