March 24, 2014

One Man's Continued Presence Closes Abortion Facility!

The faithfulness of one man to his God can move mountains.  For three years Bud Shaver had a continuous presence in front of the late-term abortion facility, Southwestern Women's Options, in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  He also spent one day a week in front of the University of New Mexico abortion clinic which was tucked away in a small business complex on a side street.   After continued prayer he was led to be there full time, displaying graphic images and other signs offering assistance or informing the public about how their tax dollars were being used.  Bud shared the love of Christ to all of those entering or leaving even though he wasn't sure if they were going for an abortion or visiting another business in the building.

The UNM Center for Reproductive Health attempted by different methods to get Bud to leave, such as saying that it was against the law to have his signs touching their bushes because it would impede their growth.  They also hired a security guard to watch Bud, and the clinic even posted a sign that there was a city ordinance not to block the sidewalk.   They must have thought Bud was attractive because on numerous occasions they came out and took his picture.

On occasion other pro-lifers would have a presence with Bud, but most of the time he was by himself.  Well, lo and behold, the baby killers on 1701 Moon CLOSED their doors this past week, and a source said that it was because of Bud's daily visits in front of their facility.  They decided to relocate to an office park near the airport, but Protest ABQ has made several visits to the location and have notified other businesses in the area about their new neighbor.  Bud Shaver along with others now make a daily visit to this site.

For several years Albuquerque has been called the "Abortion Capital of America" because people come from all over America and even other countries to have late-term abortions.  There are no restrictions at all on abortions in New Mexico, and thus they are performed through all nine months of pregnancy.  With the UNM clinic moving on the street that everyone travels on entering or leaving the airport there will be no escaping the fact by visitors and locals that along with being the hot air balloon capital, Albuquerque is also the BABY KILLING CAPITAL.

Something is Missing
This proves that one man can make a difference.  It can be very frustrating at times, and obviously there are many women still having abortions, but through perseverance there can be huge successes. There were others that sometimes showed up at that location, but if it wasn't for Bud deciding to have a continued presence in front, only a handful of people in Albuquerque would have even known or cared that abortions were performed there.  Also, for those that either doubt the effectiveness of graphic photos or outright proclaim they hurt the cause, then what is their answer to the UNM clinic moving?

God using one man to CLOSE one baby killing center!

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