March 28, 2014

Rowena's Story: Hope In Jesus After Years Of Rape And Abuse

  • Rowena's Story
  • By Rowena Slusser
  • Rowena Slusser was conceived in father/daughter rape/incest. Her mother was 15 years when Rowena was born. Rowena’s mother choose to have her, but her parents raised Rowena as their own until she was around 4 years old. She was brutally abused in every imaginable way until she was 17 years old. She survived sexual assault and rape by her biological father, uncle, half-brother, step-father and other men. At age 13 years, she became pregnant by her step-father and sadly miscarried. Rowena was also raped by a stranger at 20 years and had a positive pregnancy test. At the clinic, she was strongly encouraged to have an abortion and chose not to. She later found out that she wasn’t pregnant and was saddened because she was already attached to the life inside of her. 
    Rowena has walked a very rocky path of healing, and part of her path was the question if she could have children. She had had four miscarriages and the doctors told her that it was her genetic makeup due to her conception. Gratefully, she and her husband have two healthy children. Rowena reconciled with her biological father before he died and forgave him, and she has worked with her mom to rebuild a broken and confused relationship. She is a Christian and finds her Hope in Jesus Christ. She has come to a place of peace about her conception and voices her deep found identity in Who created her and has shared her story with church groups, youth groups, and college groups. She desires to speak to the value of life even the life of those, who like her, were conceived in incest or rape. As she has come to see her life as a precious gift given to her, she wants the unborn lives protected from an all to familiar fate. 
  • Rowena is going on 15 years of marriage with her husband Casey. They have two beautiful children, a son and a daughter. She and her family are members at Mars Hill Church in Albuquerque. Rowena is a student at Central New Mexico Community College and the University of New Mexico where she will be getting her degree in History and continue on to Law School. She plans to become a Constitutional Attorney and fight for the rights of the unborn including those conceived in incest and rape. Rowena can be contacted at Treasure of Virtue Facebook Page or e-mail her at
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