March 13, 2014

PROTEST ABQ: Here Is The Truth Albuquerque!

Apathy aplenty should be the motto for Albuquerque, New Mexico, the late-term abortion capital of America.  After the defeat last November of a ballot measure that would have banned abortions after 20 weeks, it is obvious that the citizens still need to wake up and be outraged by the killing fields of Albuquerque.  The last election results were astounding as 91% of all registered voters either voted against the ban or didn't vote at all.

 A total of 38,898 voted for the ban so obviously these residents of Albuquerque were upset enough about late-term abortion that they made the effort to voice their opinion.  Now what?  Did those people move on with other pressing matters in their lives or their city?  Unfortunately, the answer is "yes" since the election, because there is zero evidence of any mass outcry to stop late-term abortion in the city.  A handful of new people have publicly joined the movement here to stop the baby killing, but nearly all of the 38,898 have settled into the apathetic demographic of Albuquerque when it pertains to the slaughter of the least of us.

What is the answer to light a fire under the citizens of Albuquerque?  Protest ABQ is one of the answers.  This new movement spearheaded by Father Stephen Imbarrato is to protest not only at abortion facilities but at businesses and residences that have close ties to them.  Abortion victim photography, or graphic images as some may call them, are a huge part of the protest, along with other pro-life text signs.  Names of businesses affiliated with the abortion industry in Albuquerque are also highlighted in signs and literature.

A recent press conference drew nearly 50 but only one press representative.   Unfortunately, as of now that story has not run on the local news.  The press obviously believes this issue is in the past or should continue to be ignored.   If the media ignores this, then that should be more of an impetus for those that believe in life to take it to the streets and force Albuquerque to wake up.


The focus is also on "baby killing" and not some-watered down version of what abortion really is.  BABY KILLING; HERE ARE THE PHOTOS; WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?

Here is the video of Father Imbarrato discussing Protest ABQ with the media:

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