October 4, 2013

Bud And Tara Shaver: Three Years Of Incredible Pro-Life Activism In Albuquerque

The two most active pro-lifers in the country may not be household names across the pro-life community in America but what they have accomplished in three short years in Albuquerque is nothing short of amazing.  Bud and Tara Shaver are pro-life missionaries that have literally taken their message to the streets in front of the late-term abortion facility, Southwestern Women's Options, plus numerous projects in Albuquerque.  The Shavers are genuine followers of Christ and live their faith humbly and honestly in every endeavor they have taken on. They treat those going in or out of the abortion facilities with compassion and love no matter what.

The Shavers work with Project Defending Life (PDL) which is located next to Planned Parenthood in Albuquerque.

"Three years ago Tara Shaver and I (Evangelicals) stepped out in faith to work with Project Defending Life, a Catholic pro-life ministry in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  The Director of PDL, Fr. Stephen Imbarrato, a Roman Catholic priest took a step of faith as well!  We are told in Scripture that you can tell by the fruit borne what is of God!  Over the past three years we can say with absolute certainty that God is definitely blessing our steps of faith!"  - Bud Shaver, 

The following are only some of their activities and accomplishments:                             

"We maintained a peaceful, public, and prayerful presence at all three of Albuquerque, NM abortion clinics.  Ministry on a sidewalk gives us the opportunity to talk with people we would otherwise never meet. Many of these conversations deal with broken people carrying heavy burdens.  Some of these people confronted us as their enemies but by the grace of God, God was able to use our conversations to Make Friends With Our Enemies, Harshest Critics (Fellow Christians), and even God Haters!"  - Bud and Tara Shaver

Countless babies were saved and moms helped.
Project Defending Life opened its second pregnancy help center across from University of New Mexico's (UNM) abortion clinic.   
The Shavers obtained a total of fourteen 911 recordings documenting serious abortion injuries. Three were from the UNM clinic while the other eleven were from the late-term clinic.  
Complaints were filed with the NM Medical Board for all 14 abortion injuries. 
Several tips were received regarding the UNM abortion clinic from a confidential informant.  
Bud and Tara exposed the landlord of the late-term abortion clinic as Sandia Foundation.
They exposed tax-funded abortions that cost taxpayers millions. 
The Shavers wrote and released an extensive report about UNM's abortion agenda.  Members of PDL, including Tara, presented concerns about UNM's abortion agenda at the UNM Board of Regents Meeting. 

Pastor Eric Lamb of the largest Christian church in New Mexico, Calvary Chapel of ABQ, was inspired by the Shaver's ministry.  Due to his leadership pro-life apologetic training classes were held which resulted in more Christians standing for life!
Bud and Tara exposed that abortion clinics in New Mexico operate with virtually no oversight from government agencies which places unsuspecting women's lives at risk.
They met with Governor Martinez and presented their findings regarding the lack of oversight at NM abortion clinics as well as their concerns about tax-funded abortions in NM costing taxpayers millions.
The NM Medical Board investigated the fourteen 911 call complaints filed by Tara. Based on the investigation, one abortion violated the standard of care.  Late-term abortionist Shelley Sella faced a Medical Board hearing to determine what, if any, disciplinary action would be taken against her license.
Tara uncovered that Planned Parenthood of NM injured a woman, and Tara filed additional NM Medical Board complaints against the abortionists involved.  This means that she has uncovered and exposed injuries to women at all three ABQ abortion clinics and filed Medical Board complaints against all of the abortionists.
Local media outlets have covered the Medical Board investigations and have thus informed the women of New Mexico to the dangers posed at abortion clinics.  There has been confirmation that women have chosen life instead of abortion as a result of this!
The Shavers worked closely with Operation Rescue doing investigations and publishing their findings. Their press releases were picked up by local and national media outlets. 

In 2013 they continued to expose and publicize that Albuquerque is the late-term abortion capital of the country.  The Shavers were heavily involved with Sanctity of Life events in January which included testifying at the Capitol.  

Tara met with District Attorney Kari Brandenburg to discuss the health and safety of women that have the late-term abortion procedure.

Bud Shaver documented another woman that was transferred to the hospital from Southwestern Women's Options.

In light of the Gosnell verdict, a rally was held at the late-term facility which was covered by the media.  A special Mother's Day rally was also held.  In June a Rally for Life brought many pro-lifers together at Southwestern Women's Options.

The Shavers have been the driving force behind the petition drive for a ballot initiative to ban abortions after 20 weeks in the city of Albuquerque.  This is the first time this has been done anywhere at a municipal level.  In a little over two weeks 27,000 signatures were collected, and consequently the issue will be voted on November 19.

Bud and Tara hosted an unforgettable week with Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust which caused an extensive discussion of the abortion issue in the media and throughout the community.  A summary of events from August can be found here

The visit by Survivors and the ballot initiative were covered extensively, not only in Albuquerque, but nationwide, such as on Bloomberg and the New York Times. Go here to see a partial list and the links of the media's coverage.  

The following video is only one of the many appearances Bud and Tara had on the local media.

Recently the Shavers held a kick-off rally for their latest endeavor, Project 52.   The vision of Project 52 is to activate 52 local churches to adopt the late-term abortion clinic, Southwestern Women’s Options, for one week out of the year.   KOAT-TV has an excellent report of the rally here.

They have also held several sidewalk training classes along with many talks at churches, youth groups, pro-life fellowships, and college pro-life organizations.
"Tara and I are working every proven strategy we know to end abortion in our state, and we are not “placing all of our eggs” in just “one basket" as we are working every possible peaceful and legal avenue!  God is moving in mighty ways and His hand is leading and guiding our efforts!" - Bud Shaver

"When we moved to Albuquerque, NM, three years ago our goals were simple: Educate the community about the deep-seeded abortion climate in New Mexico and expose the fact that Albuquerque is the Late-Term Abortion Capital of the country in hopes that the Christian community would become active in ending abortion in this city.  New pro-life ministries have been formed, abortionists have faced disciplinary action, and we have inspired pastors to do more.  And the city is currently awaiting an election that will ban late-term abortions in the Late-Term Abortion Capital of the Nation.  Education naturally produces action within the heart of a community.  God can use anyone to be a spark that ignites the fire that consumes the darkness.

The abortion industry in every city has its dirty secrets that need to be exposed; bringing to light and actively reaching women who are abortion bound can end abortion in your city.  It's important to stay focused and to always move forward with one goal in mind;  Working to see the day when abortion is history.  Each abortion clinic that closes and every woman that is intercepted at the abortion clinic overturns 'Roe v. Wade.'  Together we are ending abortion one woman, one child, one day at a time.

One of the main reasons we have had success here in New Mexico is that pro-life leaders equipped us, trusted us, and gave us the opportunity to do what we were trained to do.  Fr. Stephen Imbarrato, Director and Founder of Project Defending Life had faith in us, invited us to Albuquerque, and has supported and encouraged us since our arrival.  Troy Newman and Cheryl Sullenger of Operation Rescue gave us the foundation and have worked with us every step of the way.  Jeff White and Cheryl Conrad, Founder and Director of Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust awakened us to the horror of abortion, trained us to boldly confront the greatest injustice of our generation and sent us all across the country to our peers until we realized our mission field and Pro-Life Missionaries was our new identity.  Our success has only been possible because of them." - Bud and Tara Shaver

Bud and Tara Shaver's Prayer Requests:

Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to be advocates for the women and children of New Mexico.
For an end to abortion in New Mexico.
For the conversion of every abortion doctor and clinic worker.
For softened hearts of the women we speak to each day at abortion clinics.
For the moms who have already chosen life and for the means to continue to serve them.
For a continued grace filled and Christ centered ministry focus.
For more opportunities to share the truth about abortion and its effects with the Christian community.
For the Christian community to rise up out of apathy and a spiritual awakening.
For more workers for this ripe harvest.
For our safety in this spiritual battle.
"Seek the well being of the city to which I have sent you.  Pray for it to the Lord.  For in seeking its well being you shall find your own." - Jeremiah 29:7
To follow the Shaver's pro-life activities go to Prayer and a Pro-Life Witness.  You can also donate here to help them in their mission field.

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