August 4, 2013

NARAL President's Defense Of Late-Term Abortion Raises Many Questions

NARAL's President Ilyse Hogue discusses the 20-week ban on abortions, plus the usual defense of the killing of the unborn, in this interview on MSNBC.  Or should I say the host Martin Bashir and Hogue in unison promote this barbaric act.

A few things to ponder while watching the video:

Both Hogue and Bashir are mad because they claim the right is talking about the exceptions to the war on women (the democrats treatment of women) while supposedly engaging on the real war on women.  But then Hogue discusses the exception, her friend Dana, in Hogue's reasoning not to have any ban at all on abortions.

At the same time Martin Bashir talks about the war on women, he brings up SHE-PAC's ties to Sarah Palin.  If one wants to view a real war on women just see how conservative women have been treated and the names they have been called.

Hogue is against politicians, especially the GOP, sticking their noses in the abortion decision, but then states that politicians should be involved in promoting easy access to abortion services regardless of one's financial status in the first three months.  She also says that politicians should focus on real sex-ed and comprehensive testing.

Their own descriptions of abortion are:  "very difficult decision" and "very severe, radical procedures".
Why is it difficult and very severe?  If it's not a human that's being killed, then there should be no difficult decision at all.

If late-term abortions are a tiny proportion, less than 2%, as Hogue says, then why the huge outcry on their part?

Why did Hogue bring up the term "white politicians"?

Why did she say "family rights" when one of the members of the family is having zero rights and is being killed?

Bashir's statement at the end is actually a perfect summation of their whole conversation:  "Any compulsion
always tries to justify itself."

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