March 23, 2013

These Youth Are Doing Something About Abortion. What About You?

The youth from Calvary Chapel of Albuquerque, New Mexico, were in front of the late-term abortion facility yesterday with homemade pro-life signs.  Officers from APD even arrived to see if they had a permit.  This enthusiastic group was greeted by many who honked or showed their opinions in other forms.  Out of approximately 320,000 churches and 1,250 megachurches in the United States, Calvary Chapel is one of only a few doing anything about the horror of abortion.  Where are the adults from the other churches in Albuquerque and across America?  Many youth in America are doing something about it, but others need to be informed by adults.  Are you claiming to be pro-life because you honk your horn as you pass by, or do you ignore abortion because it's unpleasant, controversial, or you think it's just a political issue?  These youth aren't remaining silent.  Why should you?  Thanks to Clay Schroff of the Aspen Project and to all who attended.

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