March 12, 2013

A Commitment Clears The Storm Clouds

In the following account, SWO, is Southwestern Women's Options, a late-term abortion facility in Albuquerque, NM.  PDL is Project Defending Life, a pregnancy center located next to Planned Parenthood in Albuquerque.

Testimony by Liz Turner

On Friday, around 11:30, I wasn't feeling good so I laid down for a little while before going to pray at SWO at 1:00. I didn't wake up until 12:30 so by the time I ate lunch and went to SWO, I arrived around 1:30. When I arrived, it was raining pretty hard so I took out my umbrella, some brochures, and a sign that says "Take my Hand not my Life" that had a picture of a little baby. There were several women outside at the entrance, smoking or talking on the phone. I stood holding up my sign so they could see it and shouted to them that I'd like to give them some information. They all ignored me but I planned on staying there for my full hour so I just stayed there getting pretty wet since the wind was blowing the rain sideways.

I resumed my prayers again and even asked God if my getting soaking wet out there was going to be in vain since no one was paying attention to me. Eventually, all of them went back into the clinic except one lady. She had been on the phone the whole time and kept looking at me. I saw her finally sit down and I could see she was crying. I kept saying I would like to give her some information. Well, she walked over to me and said she was 20 wks pregnant and had changed her mind about having the abortion. I asked her what changed her mind and she said it was when she was told that they were going to put a needle into her baby's heart to stop the heart. She said she just couldn't do that to her child but she already had 5 kids, her husband was out of work, their van broke down, they were living in Los Lunas with someone who let her family move into a back room where all of them are living.

I told her about our Pregnancy Center and showed her PDL's brochure. She said she had gone there when she was pregnant with her last baby and knew Maria. She was waiting for Safe Ride to pick her up to take her back to Los Lunas. I told her to cancel the call and that I would take her home. I wanted to get out of the rain and talk to her some more and that seemed like a perfect opportunity. She started crying and said her youngest was a 10 mo. old baby and couldn't even afford diapers for her. I told her I worked at PDL and would take her there to get some diapers and call Maria to see what we could do for them. Maria spoke to her and told her there was a Gabriel Project in Los Lunas and that she would contact them on Monday to see if they could help them get their car repaired.

On the drive down, I asked her if she went to church. She said she did at one time but stopped going. I told her how important it was for them to return to church and to keep God in their lives. We had the opportunity to go into a deep discussion about God. She missed going to get a food box that day since, instead, she went to the abortion clinic. Before I left, I gave her some money to buy groceries. She took me in to meet her husband and kids. He looked very troubled about their situation. When we talked, I told her I felt God brought me to that clinic just for her. After all, I was feeling sick and wasn't even sure I was going but, somehow, felt obligated to go because I made a commitment to you to spend an hour at SWO for that day. Even though it was raining hard, with lightening and thunder all around, for some reason, I didn't even consider leaving. I told her it was for her that I stayed, that God has a plan for her and her family.

What a blessing it was to be there that day. I have never felt God's presence as much as I did in that situation!!


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