January 22, 2013

The PIE Project is the Latest Addition to the Pro-Life Landscape

The PIE Project,(Pro-life Information and Experience) is a new pro-life organization that has the following mission:

"Have you ever had a fridge that was full of food but nothing to eat?

We believe that a more cohesive and a more unified Pro-life Movement, is a more effective one. There is an immense wealth of information and experience in the Pro-life Movement, but we often find that, like the fully-stocked fridge situation, finding what we are looking for becomes overwhelming, or simply hard to find.

We believe that a well organized, single source of information will make the Pro-life Movement as a whole, that much more effective. The Project brings you the ever-growing torrent of Pro-life experience in a simple and easy to digest stream.

Welcome to ‘The PIE Project’, where all the collective information and experience of the Pro-life Movement comes together under one roof."

Pro-life leaders will be giving their perspective and knowledge about pro-life issues in short videos.  The first installment from Kelsey Hazzard, founder and president, of Secular Pro-Life  asks the question:  "I don't believe in God.  Is that Okay?" 

Eric Scheidler of the Pro-Life Action League explains how to share the pro-life message in the following video:

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