December 1, 2012

Several Albuquerque Media Outlets Report on Investigation of Abortionist

Several media outlets in the Albuquerque area have reported on the New Mexico Medical Board's investigation of abortionist Shelley Sella.  Read the Notice of Contemplated Action here.

From the Albuquerque Journal

The New Mexico Medical Board has alleged that an Albuquerque physician acted negligently when she performed an abortion last year that resulted in the patient’s transfer to a hospital. The board began the investigation after pro-life groups filed complaints based on 911 calls for emergency transports from clinics to hospitals.

The board alleged in August that Dr. Shelley Sella performed a 35-week abortion last year in which a woman experienced a uterine rupture, prompting personnel at the Southwest Women’s Option clinic to call 911.

“The uterine rupture was caused by the excessive use of uterine stimulants,” according a notice of contemplated action posted Aug. 15 on the medical board’s website. “The standard of care appropriate for the patient’s medical history, and the nature of the procedure, warranted that (Sella) should have performed the procedure at a hospital instead of a clinic,” the notice said. The patient had a prior history of cesarean delivery, it said.

KOAT-TV had the report at the top of its newscast.  See the story here.

KOB-TV has the following report:

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