December 29, 2012

How a Few Can Make a Huge Difference for the Pro-Life Cause

With another year in the books, this is normally when I have my top ten list of most-read posts on Stand For Life.  This time I decided to change things up a little and focus on a few stories that can have a national impact from my hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico.  The first set of links show how two people can make a huge difference in fighting abortion, from being on the sidewalk to getting the state government to investigate unethical and illegal abortion practices.  Albuquerque is often referred to as the abortion capital of America with a late-term facility and virtually no restrictions.  The second set of links is about how the largest church in New Mexico is doing its part to stop abortion.  As many realize, there is a deafening silence in the churches about abortion, so maybe others can follow Calvary Chapel's lead.  Then there are links about Tim Harris, a local restaurant owner, who has Down Syndrome.  CBS News, People Magazine, and other media outlets have published stories about Tim and his restaurant.  Over 90% of those diagnosed in the womb with Down Syndrome are aborted.
Stand For Life thanks everyone who has visited the site over the last year.  There has been an 87% increase in visits from 2011 which couldn't have happened without the contributions of others in the pro-life community.   Happy New Year!  Monte Harms

Bud and Tara Shaver

Pro-Life Activist Bud Shaver Featured in College Paper Despite Criticism

Tara Shaver: Can Women Trust Planned Parenthood With Their Healthcare?

New Mexico Abortionist Faces Discipline For Botched 35-Week Abortion

Several Media Outlets Report on Investigation of Abortionist

Read more about Bud and Tara Shaver here.

Calvary Chapel

Where Oh Where Are The Pro-Life Ministries

Massive Pro-Life Event At Calvary Chapel With "180" And Ray Comfort

Calvary Chapel ABQ To Hold Pro-Life Classes - What Is Your Church Doing?

Calvary Chapel Continues Its Pro-Life Message

Read more about Calvary Chapel here.

Tim's Place

Free Hugs From Restaurant Owner With Down Syndrome

CBS News Features Restaurant Owner With Down Syndrome

Read more about Tim's Place here.

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