November 16, 2012

Three Christians Represent the Backbone of the Pro-Life Movement

Recently in Albuquerque, New Mexico, radio station KNKT 107.1 broadcast on location for Calvary Chapel's day at 40 Days for Life.  Calvary Chapel of Albuquerque is one of the very few non-Catholic churches that is doing anything to stop the horror of abortion.  In the pro-life movement today most have heard of those who are very publicly out in front on the issue, whether by having prominent online sites, interviewed on major network shows, or they are leaders of influential organizations.  Although they are extremely vital in spreading the message, the three people interviewed in this video represent the backbone of the pro-life movement.  Pastor Eric Lamb of Calvary Chapel has been at the forefront within the church to bring exposure to the greatest human rights issue of our time.  Bud Shaver has saved countless babies and helped many women and men with his presence in front of the late-term abortion facility and others in the area.  Also, Bud and his wife Tara have exposed wrongdoings at Southwestern Women's Options and other facilities in Albuquerque.  The last person interviewed is Phil Leahy who has been saving lives in front of Planned Parenthood for 30 years.  Also, in this video are views from Project Defending Life which is across the street from Planned Parenthood.  Thanks to all of these awesome people and to those that are doing similar work across the country. 

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