July 7, 2012

Graphic Abortion Images And The Post-Abortive Women And Men

There is a legitimate argument that graphic photos of abortion should not be displayed because of the negative impact on women and men who are post-abortive.  Often those who are the most vocal and violent after seeing these photos have had a personal experience with abortion.  The reaction by some pro-lifers is the same as the pro-choicers who claim that this is not an appropriate way to stop abortion.  Taken on the surface, their argument has some merit in that it triggers the guilt and horrible experiences of someone's past, and a pro-lifer should not intentionally be doing that.  Under the surface, there may be other reasons they oppose them.  Some pro-lifers are very uncomfortable showing graphic pictures for any reason because they can be the catalyst for a confrontational interaction.  Others supporting abortion do not like them because they are effective.  They will immediately say that the graphic photos should not be used because innocent children might see them or the post-abortive women will be distraught.  As in other interactions and dialogues with pro-lifers that are effective, those supporting abortion will often attempt to distract from two important questions:  What is being killed in an abortion?  Why is it right?

Stephanie Gray, Co-founder and Executive Director of the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform, sums up the reasons why graphic images should be shown, even though they have a negative effect on some.

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Anonymous said...

I am a post abortive women I was forced into abortion at sixteen by my mother. Today at my college campus there were graphic images of a ten week aborted fetus. It took all my strength not to hang myself. People need to understand abortion alone will drive a women to suicide. We don't need pictures to understand what we've done. It's HELL living every day with your child's blood on your hands. These pro lifers should take that into account.