June 2, 2012

Making Friends With Our Enemies!

By Bud Shaver, Prayer and a Pro-Life Witness

Today (Friday, June 1, 2012) as I was reaching out to abortion-minded women at the late-term abortion mill, Southwestern Women’s Options (www.lateterm.com),  I was confronted by a young man who was very angry! I was as close as you get to being violently assaulted. He cursed me and asked me what I had to say about it.  I told him God Bless You and if you want to talk rationally about the situation we could. He left just as quickly as he came, cursing and flipping me off as he left!

This does not happen as often as one may think, but it does occasionally happen. The difference today was that this guy returned about an hour later…this time very apologetic! He was genuinely sorry for how he treated me.  He shared with me his view on abortion. He shared with me that he was upset with my graphic signs and that he thought they did more harm than good. He also stated that he did not like the fact that we “harassed” women by speaking to them. He told me that he calls the cops several times every day and that he was just fed up with my “spectacle”.
I told him that I appreciated the fact that he was sincerely sorry for how he treated me and that he was not the only one who shared similar sentiments…I told him that I receive a lot of opposition and that most of the opposition I receive…ironically…is from the Pro-Life community! Everyone has their own personal opinion about what is effective, but no one ever stops to ask me: “Hey Bud why do you persist on using graphic images and reach out to abortion-minded women at abortion clinics? Is it effective? Why do you risk assault, illegal arrest, and deal with people defaming your reputation?”
This is what I told him…“I am not out here to make friends! I am not out here to get a notch in my Pro-life belt! I am not here to win a popularity contest! I am not out here to check off a box on my Pro-Life check list….I am out here for these women and babies whose lives are in imminent danger TODAY due to the violent act called Abortion! Every aspect of my presence here is proven to be effective in changing minds and saving lives! I am effective in saving lives and educating the community to the brutal violence and danger of abortion! My signs are constitutionally protected under the First Amendment to the Constitution and perfectly legal! I do not harass anyone! You can keep calling the police and as you clearly see by the fact that I am not arrested…I am not doing anything illegal! In fact if the police did arrest me based on your complaints or tried to force me off the sidewalk or try and prevent me from using my graphic signs revealing abortion violence…then they would be the ones breaking the law! There is a very good reason why I create such a “spectacle” each day…The Constitution does not just give me the right to present a message publically, the Constitution primarily guarantees that the public will be able to receive a (controversial) message that they would not be able to receive otherwise! I told him I am not the problem…Abortion is the problem!”
He did not fall on his knees and profess Christ as his Lord and he was still “Pro-Choice” when he left but he did shake my hand…What seemed impossible just one hour earlier with him being my enemy, was possible for the God that we serve…We ended our (rational) conversation as friends!
Today that was the mountain that I witnessed God move…and it all started with me taking a stand against the injustice of abortion in the public square and making myself available to abortion-minded women…and the public at large who support and will defend with force…A woman’s right to kill her own child!


Monte Harms said...

Awesome story from the frontlines. Thanks Bud

Bill Mader said...

Thanks for your courageous ministry Bud. I've seen you in action and you’re inspiring. It’s about saving live, changing minds, and eliminating an evil that is the worst scourge on life today. Praise God!