April 12, 2012

Katie's Idea: Pro-Lifers Displaying Their Signs At Tea Party Rallies

A pro-lifer here in Albuquerque named Katie had an idea that could be applied to many Tea Party rallies around the country in the upcoming days.  Katie's plan seems like a great way to spread the pro-life message.  If some people get their feather's ruffled, so be it.  Katie's idea for the Tea Party rally here is: 

 I plan to attend & hold one of our pro-life signs:  22wk aborted baby, abortion hurts women, adoption/better option....not sure which one.  To make any of the signs mean something to the uninformed passer-by, I hope to have a sign made to attach to the pro-life sign.  The attached sign may read something like ......Obamacare/HHS Mandate=Forced
Taxpayer's Abortions.....

Unless, there is a reason not to STAND for LIFE on April 16 (in Albuquerque), I hope you will spread this message and many will join in this Freedom Rally.  I would hope that pro-life people with signs would intersperse among all participants and not just congregate as a group.

The press will be covering many of these events, so it's a great way to spread the message.  I like her idea of tying it into the mandate or Obama's war on the unborn.  To view the Tea Party events go to the Tea Party Patriots site.  If you agree or object to the idea, please comment.

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