April 10, 2012

Four Years Of Stand For Life: Back To The Basics

It has been four years this April since I started Stand For Life. It originally was designed to be a blog to educate people on how to defend the pro-life position.  Stand For Life has expanded greatly with more emphasis on having numerous pro-life news links, adoption stories and information, testimonials, and posts about those with Down Syndrome. My original goal, which still exists, was not to focus on current news, but to have numerous informational or opinion posts that are usually relevant no matter when they are read. There are nearly 500 posts, so browse through the old ones and see if one interests you, or pass it on to someone who could be benefited by it.  To commemorate the four years of Stand For Life, please watch the following video by Stephanie Gray.  She is the executive director of the Canadian Center for Bio-Ethical Reform (CCBR).   This encapsulates what my original mission was for this site.   Stephanie educates all of us on how to best defend the pro-life position.  Thanks to everyone who has visited Stand For Life.  Monte Harms

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