February 17, 2012

What's Really Behind Occupy Wall Street And Contraception Mandate

President Obama will do anything, and I mean anything, to get reelected.  To do this he must destroy his opponents in any way possible.  It's interesting to see what has been important to him and his administration in the last year and how it ties to whoever is the frontrunner in the GOP campaign.

It's obvious that Obama thought Mitt Romney was going to be his opponent in 2012.  Look what happened in the past year.  With Obama as the man behind the curtain, the occupy Wall Street movement popped up out of nowhere.  It wasn't spontaneous in any way, shape, or form.   I didn't observe any groundswell of a protest movement on campuses or cities, but all of a sudden there they were.  It was hilarious because, when questioned, many of them really didn't have a clue what they were supposed to be protesting.   Since the occupy protest was phony to begin with, it died a slow death.  Obama's tactic was to use this movement as a vehicle to portray Romney as a man of the rich, a Wall Street insider, and someone who couldn't relate to the everyday American like Obama could. 

What else has Obama been doing at nearly all of his speeches recently?  His theme has been to divide the country with class warfare and how the rich aren't paying their "fair" share ... blah, blah, blah.  Although Obama has used this method previously, he really ramped this division technique recently to make sure everyone knows how rich Romney is, and thus he doesn't care one bit about the little people.

Now we have this contraception issue totally coming out of the blue.  How coincidental it is that the mandate wasn't brought to light until Santorum won Colorado, Missouri, and Minnesota in one night.  Obama's goal is to destroy Rick Santorum in any way possible.  The only thing Obama could find to attack Santorum on was the contraception issue.  Being a strong Catholic, Santorum is against the use of contraception, so it's easy to portray him as being a right-wing extremist along with all of those other Republicans who want to pry in your private life.  The focus of Obama's mandate is not to tell any religion what it can or can't do, although he is more than willing to accept that as a byproduct.  His number one goal is destroy Rick Santorum, and if it takes dividing the country on the contraception issue to do it, then that is just fine.  One has to think:  Is this the best Obama can do?  With all the important issues out there, he pulls one out of his hat that is not even in the top 50 of anyone's list of problems and issues in this country.

Barack Obama is just starting with his attacks.  If the contraception issue doesn't gain momentum, then just watch what, all of a sudden, will become important to him and the willing press.  It will not be the abortion issue because he realizes the momentum in America is to put more restrictions on abortion, and not less.  If you look at Obamacare, his reaction to Planned Parenthood cuts by states, and all of his decisions regarding abortion during the last three years, then it's obvious that abortion is extremely important to him.  But there are always other issues, imagined or not, to attack the GOP candidate on.  His view is to find something to divide the country on and destroy his opponent, so he can stay in office and as a result continue his pro-abortion agenda.

Whoever the Republican nominee is, he must be on the offensive and not fall into the trap set by Obama.  They should honestly deal with every issue Obama thinks is important at that time by shooting down Obama's premise.  Romney has not done a very good job defending capitalism or that there is nothing inherently wrong in being rich.   Santorum's reaction to Obama bringing up contraception was done the appropriate way.  Recently Santorum stated that he personally doesn't support the use of contraception, but there is nothing in his record that shows that he has legislated that way.  He also pointed out that the contraception issue is just a distraction by the Obama administration so nobody will focus on his dismal record for the past three years.

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