November 22, 2011

University Of New Mexico Believes in Value For Everyone But The Unborn

Tara Shaver's continuing investigation of the University of New Mexico's abortion clinic, The UNM Center for Reproductive Health, uncovers how they are funded.  Her excellent article on Operation Rescue's site is entitled Exposé: Tax Funded Abortion Training and the Betrayal of True Medicine at UNM.  It states:

A recent investigation conducted by Project Defending Life with the help of Operation Rescue has revealed that tax money received by the University of New Mexico (UNM) flows freely to the university-run UNM Center for Reproductive Health (UNMCRH) abortion clinic in Albuquerque.

This money is used for the following purposes:

Finance the UNMCRH abortion clinic.

Train UNM medical residents in abortions techniques, particularly late-term abortions.

Conduct experimental research on patients with regard to abortion, contraception and sterilization.

Read the rest of the article here.

Let's take a look at what UNM thinks of tolerance and diversity and examine if it applies to everyone.

The University Of New Mexico Division for Equity and Inclusion has as its Core Values:

Promoting Equity: DEI believes in the residual value of equity and fosters a climate where fairness, impartiality, and justice are a main staple in the relationships between and among people of all backgrounds within UNM’s social and professional settings.

Holistic Learning: DEI supports a diverse learning environment that promotes personal, intellectual, ethical and spiritual excellence.

Social Justice: DEI strongly advocates for an institution based on principles of fairness, solidarity, understanding and value.

Inclusive Excellence: DEI posits that inclusive excellence requires a healthy and inclusive campus climate and refers to the processes by which we leverage diversity as our strength to enhance our understanding and connections with diverse communities, ensure the success of all of our students and advance the academic enterprise.

UNM also has a Health Science Center Office of Diversity. Its mission is the following:

The HSC’s commitment to addressing health and educational disparities is evidenced by the creation of HSC-wide Office of Diversity (OoD) whose mission is to promote ethnic, racial, socio-economic, gender, and geographic diversity in the Health Sciences, and to create opportunities to address the health disparities that affect all New Mexicans.

After issuing these policies, how does this university then have a clinic to kill unborn children?  In addition to that, it's at taxpayer expense!  The UNM Center For Reproductive Health aborts unborn babies up to 22-weeks old.  The clinic is hidden on a side street several miles away from the main campus and UNM Hospital.  Obviously, the unborn are not included in any of the mission statements from above.  The Division of Equity and Inclusion doesn't think there's a problem having no equal rights for the unborn and obviously does not include them in their statement of fairness, solidarity, understanding, and most importantly, value. 

The Health Center's Office of Diversity wants to address the health disparities that affect all New Mexicans.  This statement is unbelievable!  What about the the extermination of health that the unborn face at the Health Center's own UNM abortion clinic.  How can they publicly say that they are for health when the UNM Center for Reproductive Health's primary purpose is to kill the unborn?  What about the actual health disparities in the womb?  The UNM clinic promotes abortion for genetic indications.  Translation:  If your child has Down Syndrome, we are more than willing to kill it - or "terminate" it as the clinic states.

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