September 8, 2011

Every Day Is 9/11 For The Innocent Humans In The Womb

This weekend across this nation we will pause from our routines and remember those who were killed in the attacks on September 11, 2001.  It has been ten years since approximately 3,000 lives were destroyed by terrorists in three separate attacks that shook America.   Nearly everyone will remember the first time they heard about the attacks or saw images of this horror?  Appropriately, the United States and most of the world were in shock that we were attacked on our own soil. 

Another response by nearly all of us was a sense of collective pride in America.  Members of Congress stood on the steps of the Capitol and sang God Bless America, and American flags were displayed seemingly everywhere one looked.  Many churches opened their doors that day and the week after to have special prayer services for those who lost their lives.  There were stories of thousands who rarely set foot in a church but were now praying and attending these services. 

Those responses to the 3,000 who lost their lives on 9/11 were very appropriate, but every day in America approximately 3,500 lose their lives to abortion.  In this country alone, 10 million unborn babies have been killed since that fateful day in 2001 and 460 million worldwide.   The unborn humans in the womb are just going about their business of living and growing just as most of us do every day outside the womb.  Then out of the blue 3,500 are attacked and killed EVERY DAY.  Similar to the 9/11 victims there is no warning for the unborn that their lives are about to be snuffed out. 

What helped exacerbate the grief and horror was seeing the images on television of the planes hitting the towers, people jumping from the burning buildings, and then ultimately the twin towers collapsing.  It was shocking to realize thousands of first responders and employees at the Twin Towers and Pentagon just lost their lives.  If we were to view abortions as they take place, or even if abortion videos were shown just one day on television, it's a guarantee that many people would finally wake up and realize the horror of abortion.  Since there is virtually no chance of those being shown to the masses, then almost all Americans will just keep ignoring the issue. 

Where is the outrage and grief from Americans to the 3,500 that are killed daily by abortion? Where are all of the special prayer services for the unborn? There are some from Catholic churches and occasionally others will have their obligatory service near the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, but where are they the rest of the year?

The reason that very few mourn the death of 3,500 innocent unborn humans but mourn the death of 3,000 innocent born humans on 9/11 is only because the unborn are given much less value than the born.  One can look at many reasons that are given to devalue those in the womb, but when one looks at the SLED Test, for example, those reasons become obviously invalid.  The four justifications that are often given to devalue the unborn are S - Size, L - Level of Development, E - Environment, and D - Degree of Dependency.  None of those reasons should be a factor on devaluing any human from conception to death. 

It is time to stop the killing of 3,500 unborn humans every day in America.  We need to be outraged. We need to feel grief for those innocent victims in the womb just as we did for those innocent victims outside the womb on 9/11.  We need to put a stop to abortion NOW!

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Anonymous said...

Monte, great piece. The idea that the LIFE in the womb, is an infant, is a toddler, is a teen, is an adult, is an 88 yr old lady, mother of 7 with alzheimers is a foreign concept to most self-centered Americans, many of whom sit in pews. I pray that God will penetrate the American Idol heart to see what you & I have been unable to relate to these many years. Today is day # 14094 since Roe v. Wade. It is time to end this unjust EVIL decree. Clovis Smith Aguilar AKA PersonhoodCO