November 29, 2008

The Marketing Of Abortion

Marketing plays a tremendous role in our society concerning most issues and events. For example, Barack Obama's campaign, along with the mainstream media's cooperation, basically got him elected because of a slick style-over-substance marketing plan. His daily pounding of the ideas of hope and change, without being questioned about specifics or an examination of his past, created a nice little marketing package. We also have had many other marketing campaigns that have been quite effective, such as anti-smoking, anti-fatty foods and global warming.

The pro-abortion view has also been based mainly on the marketing of "choice." America's society was founded on freedom of choice. For example, one chooses which school to attend, what career path to take, where to live, who to marry, etc. It's a natural extension to make choice in abortion an acceptable idea. In fact, it's a brilliant marketing ploy. Consequently, when someone questions them and states that they are really pro-abortion, their comeback is that they aren't pro-abortion, but abortion should be a choice to be considered. Obviously, if they believe abortion is an option, then they are pro-abortion. Planned Parenthood masks their main function of abortion by often saying they are for women's health issues or birth control.

The pro-abortion crowd also uses another common term that is difficult to question. The use of "right" is another word and idea that is ingrained in our society. Of course, our founders said that we have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Obviously, the right to life has been conveniently excluded when the pro-abortion group discusses abortion. The woman's right to choose and right to control her own body are examples of their marketing strategy. Also, if you are against a woman's right to choose, then you might be labeled anti-woman. By creating this marketing approach, they have made it very difficult to oppose their view without being labeled negatively.

The pro-life movement needs a strong marketing campaign of its own to counteract this. The terms "pro-life" and "sanctity of life" often are seen by the masses as terms to defend the position, just as the pro-abortion people use terms to justify their view. Thus, many view that there are just two opposite views without one being the absolute correct one.

We often have been sugar coating the truth of abortion, by avoiding showing or telling the truth of what happens during an abortion. The pro-life marketing approach should be one of distributing or showing as many videos as possible, such as the short video Harder Truth or others that show abortions. Currently, technology has advanced so far that it is fairly easy to disperse photos and videos that could greatly help promote the message. Hopefully, at some point there could be a documentary on a major television network really showing the truth about abortion. The pro-abortion movement would undoubtedly retort with the same old marketing campaign in rebuttal to this. But the images of abortions will assuredly never leave the collective memories of all who see them. We will move ahead in the marketing battle and one step closer to eliminating abortion.

November 21, 2008

Abortion And The Big Picture

Everyday people are contemplating making life-altering decisions, such as changing jobs, quitting or changing schools, or getting married. If they decide not to make one of these changes, years down the road many regret not going through with it. There are quite a few instances in the workplace where you'll hear people say, "I should have left this job years ago, when I had the chance." You may even hear, "I wish I would have married him or her. My life would be so good right now."

If abortion is such a right choice, then why don't you ever hear people
state that they should have aborted their infant, toddler, or even teenager? It almost seems unfathomable for anybody to seriously say, "I should have killed by daughter or son when I had the chance." I can't imagine someone looking into an innocent child's eyes and think that it would have been better to abort him or her.

Of course, the real reason for the destruction of a baby's life is the extremely narrow focus many have when confronted with a pregnancy. When someone decides to have an abortion, it seems to be based solely on their situation at that very moment. A wide variety of responses that are given to terminate the life of the baby bear this out: I'm not ready to have a child. I have to finish school. I can't afford it. It will interfere with my career. I'm too young.

Obviously, sometimes economic and education goals might need to be altered because of the baby. Nearly everybody who is in high school and college are in a lower economic situation than they will be in ten years down the road. If they still are, then there are many social programs to assist them. When someone starts a career, they rarely are in the position or pay level they project themselves to be in someday. Starting at the bottom of a job is commonplace, knowing that someday one has the opportunity to rise in the company or even build their own small business. Why then does a person tolerate the short-term difficulties of attaining a degree or success on the job but do not tolerate the short-term difficulties of having a child. This small picture view isn't just something that occurred recently with what might be called our "instant gratification" society. Babies have been killed for decades just because those involved were seeing how this affects them at that point.

If a college-age student has to stop attending for a year or two to have and take care of a baby, it really doesn't matter that much in the long term. Ten or fifteen years from then, I doubt if anyone will care much that they had to skip a year or two of college. But many who have had abortions have long-term memories and regrets for what they did.

So the next time someone who favors abortion holds a baby, they should be asked if they still believe that the mother should have had a "choice" to kill it. In our society, there is a large population of unmarried women who have children. Of course, they are often in situations that many deem appropriate to end the baby's life before they see the light of day. Where are those people claiming that the child should have been aborted when the baby does see the light of day? I don't hear them say, "You should have killed your baby when you had the chance." Maybe even they see the big picture but are not willing to admit it.

November 14, 2008

Guest Post - Miss M.'s Story

This is from a contact that the street ministry of Created4Life had in the UK. Their site is

I’m 17. I got pregnant at 15 and had my son at 16 - he is now 15 months. My mum tried to make me have an abortion but there is no way I could ever go through that. People say when you have kids young you ruin your life. It’s not true. I stayed at school all the way through my pregnancy - I was 9 months pregnant doing my GCSE exams! My son is the best thing that ever happened to me. I might not be working now but 1’m planning to work, go to college and hopefully uni. I don’t understand why people have abortions - if you don’t want to get pregnant, use contraception. Why would you want to kill a new life? It’s not the baby’s fault you got pregnant, so why kill it?? Just think about what you’re really doing. Abortion could also prevent you having kids later. Use your heads!!“ Miss M.

November 12, 2008

This is the winner of the Pro-Life Video Activism Contest held by Students for Life of America. The entry is from the University of Florida Pro-Life Alliance. For full results go to

November 10, 2008

The Holocaust Of The Unborn

Many opinions of issues in our society recently have been influenced by just the words in the title. For example, when the United States Congress couldn't get much support for the financial bailout package, they changed "bailout" to "rescue," which sounded much more palatable. Illegal aliens in America are often called undocumented workers. "Illegal" sounds too harsh, but if they just had the proper documents, they would be fine. Prisoners of war in Guantanamo Bay are called detainees. Terrorists have been described as enemy combatants or even freedom fighters. Liberals in this country now want to be called progressives, because progress has such a nice connotation to it. If you're against anything related to the homosexual lifestyle, you are probably going to be called a homophobe. By describing the down-and-out in our society as homeless, it implies that if they just had a home, everything would be all right.

When the abortion topic is described, the pro-life movement, including yours truly, have let the groups and people supporting abortion define it. The pro-abortion side knows that if they use the word "choice" in describing this, then they have won half the battle. The vast majority of Americans aren't passionate about this issue, so when they hear "choice," then it can't be that bad. Their reaction often is that freedom of choice is the backbone of this country, so those intolerant pro-lifers are trying to limit their right to choose.

How do we counteract this? We have to keep pounding the truth by using the correct language to describe what is occurring. Some will say we are doing the same thing as the other side, but we will not be manipulating the truth behind some pleasant-sounding words. The Holocaust has a specific reaction, and rightfully so. At least six million Jews were killed only because they were Jewish. Approximately 46 million unborn babies in the world are killed every year only because they were unwanted. This worldwide situation could even be described as much worse because of the amount killed, and the unborn never even saw the light of day.

We should now describe the whole issue of abortion as the Holocaust of the unborn. Pro-choice should be called pro-death, pro-extermination, pro-baby killing, or whatever term is appropriate. Why should we let the other side control the issue by not describing it properly? It's time for the pro-life movement to explain publicly what is actually occurring by using the correct language. I think it's appropriate to call ourselves pro-life, but we need to courageously call the other side what they are. This will obviously spawn a reaction that we will need to be ready for, which will prompt us to explain why we label this atrocity the way we do. Even the word "abortion" does not have the impact it should. Maybe we should call it extermination, killing or something similar.

If the pro-lifers control the language of the baby-killing issue, then maybe the world will wake up and realize that we are in the midst of the Holocaust of the unborn.