June 28, 2008

The Rape Question In The Abortion Discussion

In a span of a half-hour during a pro-life exhibit on a college campus, two women explained to me their rape stories. One said that she was a product of a rape, and her mother put her up for adoption. Of course, she was so thankful that her mother didn't abort her. The other woman said that she was raped as a teenager and had regretted her abortion ever since. There was real pain in her voice. It was such a contrast in emotions on such a powerful issue. They were both so glad that the truth was being displayed about abortion.

June 22, 2008

Do Pro-Choicers Really Believe What They Say?

There are several reasons that pro-choicers give for having an abortion. The main ones are:

1. Every child should be a wanted child.
2. It's in the woman's body, so she can have an abortion, even if she believes it's human.
3. The baby will interfere with work, school, or the mother's social life.
4. The child will live in poverty or other negative social conditions.
5. If the mother is a drug addict, then the child will likely be addicted.
6. We should be able to abort deformed and handicapped babies.

Do abortion proponents really believe what they are saying? The evidence says emphatically NO. If they really believed this, why aren't they advocating that the children born into tough situations be put to death? This sounds ludicrous, but it logically follows from their argument. Also, do they really believe that they should be able to kill a human inside of them? With a strong self-examination of this belief, I think many would change their mind. What do they tell all the single mothers who are struggling with work or school? I don't believe they would dare tell them that they should have aborted their child in the womb or that their child they now have should be killed.

Do they really believe that if a baby is born into poverty, addicted to drugs, or whatever they deem not to be a perfect situation, then the child is going to be in that condition the rest of its life? Often they don't look at the big picture. They don't want to give the child a chance to live and usually have their conditions change. What do they tell the parents taking care of a disabled child? I don't believe they would ever tell them that it would have been easier on them and the child if he or she was aborted.

The pro-life argument, though, follows consistently from conception to death. The belief is that every life is valuable no matter what the unborn child might face when born. When the baby is born into whatever situation, it still is a life that should be cherished until death.

It then seems that the pro-choice advocates are pro-life after the baby is born. This means that if someone lives to be 75, then the pro-choicers are actually pro-life about 99% of the time. Their view of euthanasia would change this percentage slightly. Then we have the pro-lifers who are pro-life 100% of the time. The result is that the 1% view is the one that is legal in this country, with a disregard for the 99% pro-life belief.

June 15, 2008

It's Time To Take Action!

The mainstream media has had their own agenda concerning abortion and the pro-life perspective. Basically, they have ignored the issue, except when it is pertaining to some new court ruling. Their view is based on many premises they have about abortion and the people who are against it:

1. Abortion is a private matter between the woman and her doctor.
2. It's a reproductive health issue.
3. Pro-lifers belong to two groups that they do not like: Christians and conservatives.
4. It's the law, so these two groups should just shut up.
5. If they actually had positive pro-life stories, they would have to answer to their colleagues at cocktail parties. It's not worth it.

As a result of seeing or reading the media for years, many Americans start believing the media's perspective and, thus, keep quiet about the issue. Also, their thinking is probably that if they don't see abortion stories on the news, then the issue must not be that important. Unfortunately, conservative talk radio, magazines, or television generally do not give the topic it's proper airing either.

It's time for the pro-lifers in our country to be on offense and control the agenda and premises that go with it. We need to force the media to explain their views by exposing them to the truth about abortion. Now it's time for the masses to actively support the pro-life position. We need to convince the people who are not passionate about the pro-life movement, but agree with it, that it's time to take action.

How do we do this? Here's a few suggestions.
1. Write letters to the newspaper. Contact your local radio and television stations if they have a story where a pro-life viewpoint is missing.
2. Discuss the issue with friends or co-workers. Of course, you might need to ease into the conversation so they won't get turned off.
3. Ask people who agree with you to spread the message in a like manner.
4. Get involved with any local pro-life group or church organization that is actively spreading the message.
5. Go to monthlycallforlife.com or prolifeunity.com and see how you can help. Also check their calendars for events in your area.
6. Research the many online sites that give you the tools or training to advance the pro-life view to the public.
7. Contact the legislators and government leaders and tell them that now is the time to eliminate abortion in this country. Also, corresponding with them about a certain bill can make a difference.

June 9, 2008

Should We Show Abortion Images?

We live in a visual age where people often don't respond to any crisis until they see videos or pictures of it. Every few years there turns up a new dire condition in a different country in Africa. We see news reports of starving citizens or mass killing of people by some tyrannical leader or government. Often these problems have been going on for years, but we don't react until we see footage of them on the national news or photos in a magazine.
Even the horrors of the holocaust have more impact when you see pictures from the extermination camps.

That is why it is totally appropriate to show either video or still photos of aborted babies, especially to someone who is considering an abortion. It brings to light what the result of an abortion is. That is why pro-choice proponents don't want them to be shown. But if they are pro-choice, wouldn't they want people to see them, along with the use of the most advanced ultrasound technology. Women would then be given all the information they need to make an informed choice. Most would agree that when you have to make a difficult choice in life, then you should have all the information possible.

June 1, 2008

It Makes No Sense!

There are many interesting aspects of the abortion issue that make no sense.

1) There are laws in 36 states that, in general, say that killing a fetus by anyone but the mother and the abortion doctor is a crime. In our society, do we call any other act a crime or not depending on who is committing it? Is the fetus a person only when it is killed by somebody other than the mother or doctor?

2) One of the main issues for the Catholic Church is the sanctity of life, but a large percentage of Catholics vote for Democrats, who are almost 100% pro-choice.

3) Why doesn't anyone ask a pregnant mother how far along she is with her fetus? When she's expecting she often will say she's going to have a baby or she can feel the baby move. When the pro-choicers want to abort it, the term "baby" is never used. It's then just a fetus, a parasite, or a blob.

4) It's interesting how our society reacts when a newborn is found dead in a dumpster, or wherever. There is the appropriate reaction of sadness, disgust, and outrage. The news reporters give the report with a grim face and solemn tone of voice. But if the woman killed it a short time earlier when it was in the womb, then there would be no reporting of it or no societal indignation. In fact, it is so inconsequential to most people that they don't even care to know it happened.

5) The Democrat Party and liberal view is that they are for the little guy. Also, they often shout from the rooftops about human rights violations somewhere in the world. But, of course, they exclude being a proponent of the littlest guy and disregard its human rights.